All submitted abstracts must be in English.

Submission rules:

Abstract Submission

An abstract should include:
• Article Title
• Author details (name and surname, affiliation and e-mail address)
• Acknowledgements (if applicable)
• Structured abstract (see below)
• Keywords (between 3 to 6 keywords)

Structured Abstract

Authors must supply a structured abstract as follows:
• Purpose (mandatory)
• Methodology (mandatory)
• Originality (mandatory)
• Findings (mandatory)
• Practical implications (if applicable)
• Research limitations (if applicable)
• References (if applicable). You may check all the rules in:

Submissions must not exceed the maximum of 500 words.

Abstract submissiond should be made electronically through this link .

The conference registration and the appropriate payment are mandatory for all lecturers.

Full Paper submissions: